Business Cash Line-i

Business Cash Line-I helps to cater customer requirement for working capital requirements and short term cash for their day-to-day business operations such as payment of salaries, purchases, utilities, etc.

Benefits & Features


1 year

Financing Amount

Minimum: RM5,000.00


  • Revolving in nature that allows the Customers to utilise the facility as and when funds are required
  • Customers have better control over their cash flow management throughout the financing period
  • No commitment fee over unutilised amount of the facility limit
  • Competitive pricing as compared to conventional Overdraft
  • Rebate (Ibra’) will be given to Customer on early settlement of the facility

Eligibility & Requirements

Eligibility Criteria / Target Customer

  • Profitable in 2 out of 3 latest year
  • Business registered within the country
  • Eligible to all business entities