Business Premise Financing Program (BPF)

Grow your business with our Business Premise Financing. It is definitely a right investment, right financier and right decision in pursuing your business goals. We aim to help you achieve your business goals by offering attractive financing features that will help to maximise your business.

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Financing Schemes

We offer to our clients the financing schemes as mentioned below:

Purpose of Financing

Business Premise Financing Program


  • Purchase of completed or under construction commercial premises.
  • Refinance of encumbered or unencumbered commercial property.
  • Financing of Fire Insurance Takaful, MRTT, Charge / Facility Agreement.
  • Working capital for completed property only


  • Working capital for completed property only.



  • All business entities

Property Types

  • Commercial properties (shop house, shop office) which are fully completed or under construction

Facility Types

  • Term Financing (Business Financing-i)
  • Islamic Overdraft (Cash Line-i)

Margin of Financing

  • Up to 90% of Open Market Value or Sale & Purchase Agreement (whichever is lower) inclusive of Fire Takaful Insurance, MRTT, Stamp Duty and Solicitor Fees.*

Financing Tenure


Min: 5 years

Max: 20 years (or sole prop/partnership when the key promoter/owner reach the age 65 years old, whichever is earlier)


Business Cash Line-i facility (new offering including renewal of facility) is to be extended on yearly (1 year) basis subject to review.

Financing Rate

Based on case to case basis.


This financing scheme is offered to:

  • Private Limited Company
  • Partnership
  • Soleproprietor

Collateral/Security Requirement

Security Documents:

  • Letter of Offer (LO) and Standard Legal Documents


  • 1st legal charge for Term Financing and 2nd legal charge for Cash Line-i respectively. Where the individual title is pending issuance, security will be by way of a legal assignment.
  • 3rd party charge

*If the registered owner of the property is not the applicant all the owners must stand as guarantor to the financing.

Note: * Only applicable for 3rd party charge by Director / Shareholder.


  • Sdn Bhd (not subsidiary of a listed company) – Jointly & Several Guarantee by Directors.
  • Listed / subsidiary of a listed company – personal guarantee is not mandatory

Security deposit: Waived

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