Restricted Investment Account (RIA) via Investment Account Platform (IAP)

The Bank offers Restricted Investment Account (RIA) through Investment Account Platform (IAP). Through the IAP, various Sponsoring Banks (SB’s) are allowed to float the Ventures that require the funding.

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Financing Schemes

We offer to our clients the financing schemes as mentioned below:

  • Business Term Financing

Purpose of Financing

  • Working Capital
  • Contract Financing


Restricted Investment Account

  • Open to Individual and Entities
  • Minimum amount of investment will depend on each offerings when the Sponsoring Bank (SB) float the Venture via IAP.


  • Open to Private Limited Company and Cooperatives
  • Tenure of Financing up to 10 years
  • Minimum amount of Financing of RM1.0 million
  • Pricing will be determined during the evaluation of potential venture on case to case basis. BFR + Spread (Floating and Fixed rate)
  • Financing amount and tenure will depend on the Venture financing requirements
  • Security required are as follows :
    • Tangible security such as cash, land
    • Guarantee from directors / shareholders
    • Assignment of cash proceeds
    • Charge and assignment over designated accounts
    • Any other securities acceptable to the Bank
  • The frequency of monthly installment or any other installment will be determined.

Fees & Charges

For investors:

  • Wakalah Fees

For Venture:

  • Sponsoring Bank fees
  • Listing fees of not more than RM50,000
  • RAM fees
  • Legal fees


This financing scheme is offered to:

  • Private Limited Company
  • Cooperatives

Product Disclosure Sheet (PDS)

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