FAQ on Instant Transfer Rebranding to DuitNow (Pay to Account)



What is Instant Transfer Rebranding? Instant Transfer is an existing service that allows you to transfer funds in real-time from Bank Islam to other banks in Malaysia. Moving forward, this service will be known as DuitNow (Pay to Account).

You may click here for more information on DuitNow.
What is the difference between Instant Transfer and DuitNow (Pay to Account)? There is no difference on the service, only the service name is changed.
When will this name change take effect? The Instant Transfer Rebranding will be effective from 27 May 2020 for GO by Bank Islam Mobile Banking and 13 June 2020 for Internet Banking.
What will happen to all my Instant Transfer favourites? All your Instant Transfer favourites will be automatically migrated to DuitNow favourites.