Takaful myHealth Plus (Telemarketing)

Our Takaful myHealth Plus plan is a comprehensive hospital income plan which pays daily hospital income in the event you are hospitalised at a local or overseas hospital. In the event you are hospitalized for 5 consecutive days or more, a lump sum payment of RM3,000 will be paid to you. Below are the key benefits of this plan.

Disclaimer: This product is specially brought to Bank Islam’s customers and it is available only through telemarketing. Terms and Conditions apply.

Benefits & Features
  1. Daily Hospital Income up to RM300 upon admission to a local hospital
  2. Double Hospital Income up to RM600 upon admission to an overseas hospital
  3. Triple Hospital Income up to RM900 upon admission to local ICU
  4. Extra Emergency Cash up to RM3,000 in a lump sum for hospital admission of 5 consecutive days or more
  5. Compassionate Cash up to RM3,000 in the event of death
  6. Renewal Bonus of 10% up to a maximum of 50%
  7. Easy and simple enrolment process

Refer details in Product Disclosure Sheet and Certificate Documents here.
Disclaimer: This product is underwritten by Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Keluarga Berhad. Kindly visit Takaful Malaysia website for further information.