Biz Smart Property Financing Program

Establish Your Business Presence. Finance your commercial or industrial property with Biz Smart Property Financing Program

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  • For Private Limited Company, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Professional Service Provider that fall within SME definition.
  • Business in operation at least three (3) years (Wholesale & Retail Trade, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Storage), or five (5) years (Cafe, Restaurant, and Construction)..
  • Registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM), or authorities/district offices in Sabah and Sarawak, statutory bodies for professional service providers.
  • Shareholding by Public Listed Companies and Government Linked Companies (if any) in the SMEs shall not exceed 20%.
  • Malaysians residing in Malaysia that hold a minimum of 51% Malaysian shareholding / ownership in the SMEs.

Purpose of Financing

  • Purchase or refinance commercial / industrial properties whether fully completed or under construction.
  • Finance additional working capital (WCR) and capital expenditure (CAPEX)*

*for renovations only

Financing Amount

Sdn. Bhd.:

  • Min: RM150,000
  • Max: RM5 million

Sole-Proprietorship / Partnership:

  • Min: RM150,000
  • Max: RM3 million

Financing Rate

Attractive financing rate

Financing Tenure

Business Financing-i – Maximum of twenty (20) years (or in the case for Sole-Proprietorship / Partnership, when the key promoter / owner reaches the age of 65, whichever occurs earlier)

Business Cash Line-i (BC-i) – One year, subject to annual review

Multi Trade Facility – As per the respective trade products

Type of Property

Commercial Property:

  • Shophouse
  • Shop Office
  • Office Suites

Industrial Property:

  • Factory
  • Factory Lot
  • Warehouse
  • Sole Vacant Land

Product Disclosure Sheet:

Click here for Product Disclosure Sheet – ENG Version

Click here for Product Disclosure Sheet – BM Version

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