Prepaid Reload

  • Prepaid reload service allows Bank Islam customers to reload prepaid/ e-Wallet account and is available on Bank Islam Internet Banking and ATM. Upon completion of reload purchase, customers’ prepaid/ e-Wallet account will be reloaded in the next 30 minutes.
  • The Prepaid Reload via ATM is a PIN-less prepaid reload services which the customer’s mobile devices will be automatically reloaded based on the mobile number keyed in at the ATM.
  • The total daily transaction limit for purchase of Prepaid Reloads via ATM is RM250.00 per ATM/Debit Card per day.
  • There will be no refunds for wrongly/mistaken purchases of Prepaid Reload.
  • Customer’s mobile prepaid number will be reloaded in next 30 minutes upon completion of reload purchase.
  • Prepaid Reload products offered via Bank Islam ATMs are as below:

Internet Banking

Mobile Banking


Daily Transaction Limit RM250 RM250 RM250
Type of Reload PIN and PINless PIN and PINless PINless only
  • Fees and Charges: RM 0.00

List of Telco Service Providers

Frequently Asked Questions

No, if you have confirmed the purchase when confirmation screen is prompted, the transaction cannot be cancelled and there will be no refunds.

The daily transaction limit for purchase of Prepaid Reloads is up to RM250.00 per channel per day.

Prepaid Reload Services via ATM is a PIN-less and the reload amount will be automatically credited to your mobile. Meanwhile, the Prepaid Reload Services via Internet Banking/ Mobile Banking is a PIN-less and PIN.

If you do not receive the reload after 30 minutes, please contact our Contact Centre at +603-26 900 900.

If you notice the reload received differs from what you have purchased, please contact our Contact Centre at +603-26 900 900.

There is no fee charge for Prepaid Reload Services via Bank Islam.