Business Premises Financing

We develop special program to finance our viable customer for the purchase or refinance of completed properties and commercial properties under construction.

Benefits & Features

Facilities offered

  • Term Financing (Business Financing-i)
  • Business Cash Line-i
  • Multi Trade Facility

Margin of Financing

Up to 150% of Open Market Value or Sale & Purchase Agreement (whichever is lower) inclusive of Fire Takaful Insurance, MRTT, Stamp Duty and Solicitor Fees.


Up to 20 years


  • Attractive financing rate
  • No processing fee (SME only)
  • Fast Approval
  • No commitment fees on unutilized amount for Business Cash Line-i facility
  • Rebate on the difference between ceiling rate and effective rate

Eligibility & Requirements


Eligible to all business entities

Property Types

Commercial properties (shop house, shop office) which are fully completed or under construction