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Make a big impact in the Islamic Finance in Malaysia!

This is an 18-months structured development programme that provides a holistic overview of the banking industry focusing in Islamic Finance. Through this programme you will gain:

  • Direct attachment and mentorship from the top management
  • Exposure to front and back office operations
  • Personal and Professional growth opportunities with Islamic Banking certification
  • Job placement based on interest, skills and expertise

To be part of our team, you’ll need to have:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in any field with strong track record of academic excellence and active in extracurricular activities
  • High adaptability, with the tenacity to move with the fast-paced rhythm of our work environment
  • Strong communication skills

Programme Overview

Bootcamp (3 week)

There will be 3 bootcamps in total with a span of 1 week for each bootcamp throughout your 18 months programme that will provide you with necessary tools to grow further in this programme.

  • Bootcamp 1 – Onboarding
  • Bootcamp 2 – Building Foundation
  • Bootcamp 3 – Building Performance

Job rotations (18 months)

Your rotation will consist of 6 different business units which will be chosen to complement your career track, helping you develop a deeper understanding of the organisation as you get involved in projects that directly impact the company’s operations. You’ll also be assigned mentors to provide guidance and support throughout your journey. 


Final placement

Upon completion of the 18 months programme with good track record; we’ll help position you for success in a role across our existing businesses.



Application for our YLP is currently closed.
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Professional Training and Education for Growing Entrepreneurs (PROTÉGÉ)

PROTÉGÉ was launched on 28 January 2019 is an entrepreneurship and employability training program to shape and guide youths with the cooperation of industry experts in an effort to produce more entrepreneurs (job creators) who are competitive and ready for the global market as well as skilled job seekers to meet the needs of the current industry.

Application for the Protégé programme is now closed.
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Talent development in the financial services industry is key in promoting a well-functioning and stable financial sector. Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), for many years, have embarked on wide ranging strategies to strengthen talent development in the financial services sector with several institutional entities formed for this purpose. One such entity is the Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme (FSTEP).

Started in 2007, FSTEP is the brainchild of former BNM Governor Tan Sri Dato Sri’ Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz and is managed by the Asian Banking School (ABS) in collaboration with BNM. FSTEP is an intensive graduate training programme designed to equip talent with the right skills and knowledge for their transition into the financial services industry.

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