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eBanker is a comprehensive internet based solution that allows you to execute monetary transaction and retrieve account information online anytime and anywhere. It is a convenient and secure way of managing your day-to-day banking needs.

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Benefits & Features

Ultimate Access

We provide you with an online service with a real time response for your every action. With eBanker, you are never out of touch and reconciliation process is just a click away.


We employ advanced security technology to keep your data private and tamper-proof. To safeguard your monetary transaction data, authorizers for your eBanker transactions are approved with a secure security token. Simple yet secure login method ensures your peace of mind whenever you are accessing the system.

Flexible and User Friendly

Designed to cater your banking needs in a flexible and user friendly way. It allows you to decide the requirements and access limitation for your corporate organization. It’s as good as having a system of your own.

Increase Process Efficiency

Most efficient medium for your regular payments. With paperless technology, now you would be able to enjoy convenience of performing monetary transaction and information retrieval made much easier than before.


Online Monetary Transactions

eBanker equipped you with paperless transaction process. Send all your monetary instructions online for:

  • Electronic Fund Transfer within Bank Islam accounts and to other banks
  • Financing Payments
  • Foreign Remittances
  • Salary Crediting Facility
  • Bill Payments
  • Online B2B Payments

Online Inquiry Facility

In just a click away, you will have an online access to your most updated account information such as:

  • Account Inquiry
  • Statement Downloading and Printing

Eligibility & Requirements


Business Account


  • Company (Private & Public Limited Company)
  • Society / Club / Association / Charity Organization / Educational Institutional / Mosque

Fees & Charges

Refer to Appendix A.

Terms & Conditions

Download the Terms & Conditions of Access and Usage of Website effective 29th August 2021

Download the Terms & Conditions of Access and Usage of Website effective 1st June 2019 until 28th August 2021

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