Procurement & Contract Financing


At Bank Islam, we believe in sharing our expertise to assist you with your business requirement in Contract Financing. We provide innovative structure to customize your funding requirement


  • Minimum upfront security
  • Customized structure to meet all contract requirements
  • Combination of cash and non-cash facilities


  • Main Contractors / Nominated Sub-contractors
  • Minimum of 3 years performance track record
  • Average turnover of more than RM5.0 million over the past 3 financial years
  • Registered with the relevant Licensing or Certification Bodies
  • Contractor awarded by Government, Government Bodies, GLCs or other Corporate Companies acceptable by the Bank

Facilities Offered

Facilities Limit

There is no capping on contract value however financing limit should not be less than RM1.0 million.

Purpose of Financing

    Business Cash Line-i
  • To finance general expenses, overheads, administrative, material, sub-contracts wages

  • Multi Trade Facilities
  • To facilitate purchase or sales of goods under the contract financed

  • Bank Guarantee-i
  • Tender Guarantee
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Advance Payment Guarantee
  • Other guarantee required as per contract requirement

How to apply

  • Fill up the form completely
  • Submit the completed form with the supporting documents to the nearest Bank Islam’s branches