Procurement & Contract Financing-i (PCF-i)

At Bank Islam, we believe in sharing our expertise to assist you with your business requirement in Contract Financing. We provide innovative structure to customize your funding requirement.

Benefits & Features

Facilities offered

  • Multi Trade Facility for the required contracts
  • Business Cash Line-i to cover general expenses, overheads, administrative and sub-contracts wages
  • Bank of Guarantee-i for the issuance of Performance, Advance Payment and Tender Guarantee


  • Minimum upfront security
  • Customize structure to meet all contract requirements
  • Combination of cash and non-cash facilities

Eligibility & Requirements


  • Main contractors/ Nominated sub-contractors/ vendors/ suppliers
  • Minimum of (3) years performance track record
  • Registered with the relevant Licensing or Certification Bodies
  • Contractor awarded by Government, Government Bodies, GLCs or other Corporate Companies acceptable to the Bank