Accepted Bills-i (AB-i)

AB-i is a money market priced driven instrument which can be drawn to finance domestic purchases or imports and domestic sales or exports. The AB-i may be sold in the secondary market, thus enabling the Bank to provide attractive financing rate.

AB-i (Purchase)

It is a financing facility granted to you to finance your purchase of tradable goods that include raw material, semi-finished and finished goods. Payment to suppliers will be made immediately by the Bank. It is created for both sight and usance bills. In the latter instance, AB-i financing enables extension of credit to you.

AB-i (Sales)

It is a financing facility granted to finance your sales or export of goods on credit terms that include raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods. It is a short term financing facility whereby the Bank purchases the debt which is securitised in the form of Accepted Bills.

Benefits & Features

Benefits of using our products:

  • Eligible financing provided at attractive financing rate
  • No need for rounding down to nearest thousand as we provide up to 100% financing of invoice value
  • Improves your cash flow
  • There is no acceptance commission while financing profits are paid at the tail end (i.e. payable upon maturity of the AB-i)

Cut-off time

Application received by 12:30pm* will be processed on the same day.

* Subject to all terms and conditions complied with

Fees & Charges



Rate / Amount

1.   As per transaction
Direct Invoice Financing Commission

0.1% flat on the bill amount with:

Min : RM50.00

Max : RM100.00 (Foreign currency)

Max : RM500.00 (Local currency)

Additional RM100.00 flat for financing amount less than RM500,000.00. If more than RM500,000.00, no commission imposed.

Splitting/Bunching Invoices Commission RM50.00 flat for bunching of 5 and more invoices per transaction or splitting to more than 1 transaction on same invoice.
Local Postage Actual direct cost incurred
Courier Actual direct cost incurred

Malaysia (Local): RM25.00

Outside (Foreign): RM50.00

RENTAS RM2.00 per RENTAS application
Interbank Giro RM0.10 per IBG application
Banker’s Cheque

Stamp Duty RM0.15

Processing Fee RM0.50

2.   Utilization Notice & Contract note BB 48 Stamp duty RM10.00
3.   Letter of Indemnity (for summary invoices) Stamp duty RM10.00
4.   Bills drawn under LC Handling fee RM50.00 flat
5.   Overdue Bills Ta’widh

As per Ta’widh formula:

= FV x r x t / 36500


FV = outstanding overdue amount (outstanding amount = cost + profit overdue)

r = IIMM rate

t = no of days due from the original maturity date

6.   Others
Fax Out of pocket expenses Actual direct cost Incurred
Photocopy Out of pocket expenses Actual direct cost Incurred
Other direct cost Out of pocket expenses Actual direct cost Incurred

Product Disclosure Sheet (PDS)

Click here to download PDS for Accepted Bills [AB-i] (Purchase)

Click here to download PDS for Accepted Bills [AB-i] (Sales)


Click here to download the Utilization Notice

Click here to download the Contract Note – Export/Sales for AB-i (Sales) (Form BB 48)