A mobile banking app offered by Bank Islam to Bank Islam individual and businesses that is targeted to SME/MSME customers. It allows merchants/sellers to manage their day to day business quickly and securely from their mobile devices.

BIMB Biz is equipped with DuitNow QR service capabilities that enables seller to receive payment nationwide by using a DuitNow QR code, also known as Malaysia’s National QR code. As a seller, you are required to download the BIMB Biz App to use this service.


BIMB Biz by Bank Islam can be downloaded from either Google Play Store for Android user or App Store for iOS user. Once downloaded, you will need to perform an online registration by filling up below information.

  • ID Type
  • ID Number
  • Business Category
  • Business Type
  • Business Name
  • Business Description
  • Username
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Email Address

Download BIMB Biz by Bank Islam
Available via Play Store or App Store

Login via Password or Biometric
Login for manager and cashier

DuitNow QR
Receive payment easily from customer through QR code


Check your Transaction History
Access transaction history whenever you want

Manage your Outlet Cashier
Create and edit profile for store outlet and cashier

Check your Sales Performance
View summary of sales performance at one glance


1. View account details for Current Accounts/Savings Accounts that are tied to the merchants’ stores.
2. View sales transaction history.
3. Generate Static and Dynamic QR Codes.
4. Outlet Management:

  • Switch Store Listing
  • Create New Store
  • List Stores

5. Account Management:

  • Update the list of Current Accounts/Savings Accounts that are tagged to the merchant profile.

6. Cashier Management:

  • Create Cashier
  • Update Cashier

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