Ar-Rahnu Tawarruq is a short term financing where the customer will pledge a gold as Pawning Asset against the given financing.

Gold Standard

  • 999 (24 Carat)
  • 950 (23 Carat)
  • 916 (22 Carat)
  • 875 (21 Carat)
  • 835 (20 Carat)
  • 750 (18 Carat)

Financing Amount

  • Margin of up to 80% from Pawning Asset Value
  • Normal Package
    • Minimum amount is RM100.
    • Maximum amount is RM250,000
  • Traders Package
    • Minimum amount is RM30,000
    • Maximum amount is RM500,000

Financing Period

  • Maximum facility period of 18 month.
  • Customer has to settle Total Profit for every 6 month of Pawning Period.
  • Customer reserves the right to make a full settlement and redeem the Pawning Asset at any of the Pawning Periods.

Profit Rate

Profit rate will be charged based on Gold Value upon transaction is made.

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Product Disclosure Sheet (PDS)

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