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Type of Charges

Charges (RM)

Home Financing Agency Fee (Currently Waived)

RM25.00 :
Appointment of the Bank as Purchase Agent (ABPA)

RM25.00 :
Appointment of the Bank as Sales Agent (ABSA)

*Only applicable for :

  • Wahdah Home Refinancing-i
  • Shophouse Refinancing-i
  • Personal Cash Line-i
  • Al-Waqaf Home Financing-i
  • Land Financingi/Refinancing-i
Request for EPF withdrawal (Manual Application) RM20.00 per request
Request for EPF withdrawal (Online application) RM10.00 per request
Custodian Fee for safekeeping of Security Documents for fully settled facility  RM80.00 annually
Request for Redemption Statement RM50.00 per request
Late payment charges (Ta’widh) (a) During financing – 1% per annum of the overdue installment

(b) After the expiry of financing – based on the Islamic Interbank Money Market Rate

Request for photocopy of documents including S&P, Letter of Offer, Title & Deed of Assignment RM50.00 per set of documents
Request for Copy of Security Documents RM50.00 per request