The transition of Bank Islam into a fully listed banking institution represents a leap into a new era, an era where we are able to fully capitalise on our resources to serve our stakeholders better. We are building on the momentum to create a solid foundation on which we are able to step towards a progressive and sustainable prosperity for all, and for the future.

Bank Islam is writing a new chapter in its history, in which we break the conventions of Islamic banking and finance, and further drive the growth of the financial industry in Malaysia and the region.

Fully-Realised Islamic Financial Solutions

Bank Islam is in the business of enabling its customers to realise their dreams and ambitions through a full spectrum of banking and financial solutions – from personal and commercial banking to investments and stockbroking. Drawing on the expertise of our employees, we enable you to transact with ease, as well as expand your businesses and manage your money with confidence.

As an independent and listed banking entity, we are in the position to clearly define our business focus and create a distinctive strategy to better serve you and fulfil your needs. We are looking beyond basic financial solutions, progressing towards a holistic financial vision that results in wealth-creation. Our relentless commitment towards innovating and creating new solutions for new segments can only mean good news for our customers as they seek better and new ways to manage their financial matters.

Inclusive Approach

As Bank Islam seeks to maximise its growth opportunities, we continue to create and enhance opportunities for our stakeholders as well, especially among our customers and the communities. Our approach has always been about creating accessibility to our products and services, especially among the underserved and unbanked. Inclusivity involves access to useful and affordable financial products and services, especially among these segments.

Additionally, we are driving our social finance agenda through our Sadaqa House initiatives, among others, and creating economic opportunities for the underserved segment. The importance of this focus is highlighted by the current pandemic situation, which has already seen Bank Islam intensifying its effort in alleviating the financial hardships suffered by its customers as well as contributing to the recovery efforts among the SME sector.

Bank Islam’s listing status will create a new dynamic as we continue to promote the health and wealth of the society. It will enhance our financial capital leverage that will ensure continuous contributions to the people and segments that matter. At the same time, we will be making progress in developing beneficial partnerships and collaborations, to better enhance our purpose to promote socio-economic progress that benefit for everyone, and becoming a force of good for all.

Sustainability at the Centre

Sustainability at Bank Islam is about investing for the long-term growth and future of, not just our organisation, but also that of our stakeholders. This is done by recognising that environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects must be taken into consideration when designing the Bank’s products and conducting its operations or initiatives. As a listed Islamic bank with VBI as our core business model, our priority is to achieve Maqasid al-Shariah by emphasising on communities’ wellbeing and the preservation of wealth and natural resources. This will only strengthen our commitment to ensuring that whatever we do will create a positive and lasting impact on our society, economy, environment and country.

Our sustainability framework is also centred on the needs to address several global concerns as encapsulated within the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG), which is adopted for building an inclusive, resilient and sustainable future for the people and the planet.

Embracing Technology

The increasing adoption of technology by the banking industry is driven by the consumers’ desire to access financial services from digital channels. Technology is being seen as an important enabler for Bank Islam to further enhance its delivery of products and services to its customers.

The introduction and subsequent enhancement of our mobile banking application, GO by Bank Islam, together with introduction of digital wallet and payment services have ensured uninterrupted access, especially when we are hard hit by the pandemic.

The continued development of Centre of Digital Excellence (CDX) highlights our aspiration to eventually evolve from mostly brick-and-mortar operations to virtual banking proposition. We will continue to invest in acquiring greater digital and technological capabilities that will catalyse the Bank’s entrance in new markets and segments.

Bank Islam’s transition to a listed entity will only ensure accelerated adoption of technology in delivering our products and services. With all the digital channels in place, we are on track to deliver exceptional service and convenience, enabling you to manage all aspects of your financial transactions and activities within a secure and intuitive ecosystem.