GO by Bank Islam

It is a mobile banking application offered by Bank Islam that allows you to access your Bank Islam’s accounts and perform selected services quickly and securely from your mobile device 24 hours a day


Download Bank Islam Mobile Application from either Google Play Store (for Android user) or Application Store for IOS user.

After downloading GO by Bank Islam application, you will need to perform registration using your existing Internet Banking (IB) User ID, password and your Identification Card (IC) / Identification Document (ID) number in order to bind your device with your IB User ID.

For existing Bank Islam Internet Banking users:-

  1. Enter your User ID and password
  2. Enter your IC/ID number
  3. Enter the IAC code received through your registered phone number

If you do not have a User ID, you must first register for Internet Banking through https://www.bankislam.biz.

For the next login, you can use your fingerprint (if your mobile device is supported by fingerprint authentication security feature) to access GO by Bank Islam. Otherwise, you can login by using your existing IB password.

    1. Download the app only from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android)
    2. Don’t reveal your password to anyone
    3. Remember passwords – don’t save or write them anywhere
    4. Don’t use easy-to-guess passwords such as:
      • Name
      • IC no.
      • Mobile no.
      • Address
      • Birthdays, anniversaries and more

  1. Make sure the Private Word is the word you set and appears on the login page
  2. Make sure the 4 letters of the Security Code you received are the same as those displayed in this banking application
  3. Monitor your device while using this banking application
  4. Use the built-in lock function in your device – set password protection
  5. Do not use Jailbroken or Rooted mobile devices (modified operating systems)

  1. View account summary for:-
    1. Savings / Current account
    2. Term Deposit & investment account
    3. Credit card-i
    4. Financing account
    5. Tabung Haji account
  2. Transfer funds:-
    1. Within Bank Islam to Own or 3rd party account
    2. To Other Bank via DuitNow, DuitNow QR or IBG
    3. Between Bank Islam and Tabung Haji account
  3. Pay:
    1. Bills via JomPAY or proprietary bill payment
    2. Any Bank Islam Credit Card-i or financing account
  4. Prepaid reload
  5. Donation (Sadaqa) to Sadaqa House, mosques, orphanages or other charitable organisations
  6. Share transaction receipt with others
  7. Authenticate transactions initiated from Bank Islam’s Internet Banking or GO by Bank Islam via ‘GO Secure’ (previously known as Transaction Signing)
  8. Link or delink Tabung Haji account
  9. Register for Hajj (individual or group)

Terms and Conditions

Click here for Terms and Conditions of Bank Islam Internet and Mobile Banking (Effective 14 August 2023)

Click here for Terms and Conditions of Bank Islam Internet and Mobile Banking (Effective 31 July 2023)

Click here for Terms and Conditions of Bank Islam Internet and Mobile Banking (Effective from 26 September 2022)


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Important Notice

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