Nominee for Deposit & Investment Accounts (Individual Customer)

Appointment of Nominee

  • Nominee must be aged 18 years and above
  • The appointment of a Nominee is restricted to those who are qualified pursuant to the Children Act 2001, the Guardianship Act 1961 and the Adoption Registration Act 1952 as follows :
    • Parents, siblings and children (with proof of Birth Certificate);
    • By way of a deed/ testament certified by the Court’s Order;
    • Foster parents (with submission proof of adoption certificate and adoption registration certificate from the National Registration Department);
    • Any individual with valid custody on the child by Court Order;
    • Spouse (with submission proof of marriage certificate)
  • Minor can appoint only their legal parent or legal guardian
  • The appointed nominee for Muslim customers will act as a Wasi (administrator) and do the apportionment to the rightful beneficiary upon customer’s demise based on Shariah rules
  • For Non-Muslim customers, the nominee(s) will be the rightful beneficiary who will receive the funds upon customer’s demise.

Note: Applicable Only one Nominee is allowed for Wafiyah and Term Deposit Tawaruq (TDT) account.


Types of Account

Applicable to all Individual accounts (deposit and investment)


Method of Payments

Payment will be credited to Nominee’s Savings / Current / Investment Account with the Bank

  • IBFT/IBG is available should the Nominee opt to not open account with the Bank
  • Before bank proceed with the payment to the claimant, bank will ensure Letter of Indemnity has been duly signed.

Coma and Total Permanent Disablement (TPD) Account Holder

  • The medical conditions shall be confirmed/pronounced by a qualified medical practitioners
  • The appointed Nominee will receive the remaining funds in the account once the account holder’s condition is confirmed by the appointed Bank Islam Officer who performs the visit

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