Wafiyah Investment Account

(Not protected by PIDM)

Don’t miss the chance to make your money work hard for you. Wafiyah Investment Account offers high return up to *4% p.a. for 24 months and the flexibility of choosing your investment tenure.

*subject to change from time to time

Benefits & Features


1 month to 24 months

Premature Withdrawal


Auto Renewal

  • Allowed for the same placement amount and for the same tenure
  • Allowed for the placement amount plus profit and for the same tenure


Ringgit Malaysia (RM)

Underlying Assets

Invested in House Financing and Packaged Personal Financing.

Mode of Operation


Partial Withdrawal

Not Allowed

PIDM Insurable

Not protected by PIDM



“Wakalah” means a contract in which a party (muwakkil) authorises another party as their agent (wakil) to perform a particular task, in matters that may be delegated, either voluntarily or with imposition of fee.

Eligibility & Requirements


  • Individual, 18 years old and above
  • Non-individual

Minimum Investment

  • RM1000 for one (1) month tenure
  • RM 500 for two (2) months and above tenure

Fees & Charges



Rate / Amount

Lost or destroyed Investment Certificate

Stamp Duty will be charged for the Indemnity Letter regardless of the amount

RM10.00 (stamp duty)

T&C and PDS

Click here to download Terms & Conditions effective on 1 April 2022

Click here to download Terms & Conditions effective on 15 September 2021

Click here to download Product Disclosure Sheet effective on 15 January 2022

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