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Introducing the FIRST in Islamic banking, Al-Awfar is an innovative Mudarabah-based account that gives you the opportunity to win cash prizes worth more than RM15 million a year. Sign up today! Who knows, you could be the next millionaire.



“Mudarabah” means a form of contract between the capital provider (rabbul mal) and an entrepreneur (mudarib) under which the rabbul mal provides capital to be managed by the mudarib and any profit generated from the capital is shared between the rabbul mal and mudarib based on a mutually agreed profit sharing ratio whilst financial losses are borne by the rabbul mal provided that such losses are not due to the mudarib’s misconduct, negligence, or breach of specific terms.

Eligibility & Requirements

Minimum Placement



Minimum Balance



Who can open an account

  • Individuals
  • Non-Individual – Associations / Schools / Universities Clubs / Societies / Religious Groups

Draw Category

  • Monthly
    • Monthly Category
    • State Category
    • Jom Pindah Gaji Category
  • Quaterly
    • Millionaire Category
    • Junior Category
  • Half-Yearly
    • Special Draw Category

Draw Eligibility

  • Monthly
    • Average balance of RM100 = 1 unit of entry
  • Quaterly
    • Average balance of RM1,000 = 1 unit of entry
  • Half-Yearly
    • Average balance of RM10,000 = 1 unit of entry

Fees & Charges



Rate / Amount


Replacement of Passbook

  • Lost passbook
  • Due to poor handling

Stamp Duty will be charged for the Indemnity Letter regardless of the amount

  • RM10 Stamp Duty + RM3.00 if lost due to poor handling
  • RM10 Stamp Duty only – if lost due to stolen ( attach police report )

Early Closure of Account

Within 3 months



Dormant Account

With balances up to RM5.00

Account will be closed and these balances will be absorbed by the Bank as a charge


Other Fees & Charges

Coin Deposit – Business Account

1st RM100.00 is free

Subsequent RM100.00 is charged RM2.00

Flyers & Prizes Listing

Click here to view Front Flyer
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T&C and PDS

Download the Terms and Conditions effective on 19 March 2021

Download the Terms and Conditions effective on 15 March 2021

Download the PDS Effective on 1 August 2019

List of Al-Awfar Draw Date 2021

List of Al-Awfar Draw Date 2021

Al-Awfar Winners

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