Let’s Combat Scam Together

We have implemented a range of enhancements to ensure the utmost safety and security. Our commitment to protecting your safety is reflected in the following measures:

Kill Switch

A feature that allows users to block any outgoing transactions from customer accounts and suspend debit cards from performing any withdrawal or purchase via Internet Banking or GO by Bank Islam mobile app or BIMB Biz.

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Cooling-Off Period

A feature to safeguard against unauthorised Internet Banking (IB), GO by Bank Islam and BIMB Biz transactions. With this, there is a 12-hour waiting period for new activations or changes.

GO Secure

Enhanced authentication to approve online transactions using GO Secure on GO by Bank Islam mobile app, replacing IAC via SMS.

Post Transaction Notification

All transactions done via Internet Banking (IB), GO by Bank Islam and BIMB Biz will be notified to customers via email and push notifications.

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