DuitNow AutoDebit Consent Registration & DuitNow AutoDebit

Introducing DuitNow AutoDebit Consent Registration and DuitNow Autodebit, a service that allows businesses to collect recurring payments based on the consent given by the customers.

Who is it for?

Set up DuitNow AutoDebit by providing one-time consent to merchant or businesses to make auto deduction from your DuitNow account

Send one-time Consent request to customers for auto deduction via customers’ mobile number, MyKad or Business Registration Number.

What are the benefits of DuitNow AutoDebit?

You can manage the auto deduction payment set up through DuitNow ID that is linked to your preferred bank or eWallet account.
Clean and Easy Reconciliation

Allows merchants to provide ease and fast payment experience to the customers as the businesses are in full control to determine when and how much to debit the customers.
Simpler and Faster

Businesses may offer customers a one-off Consent registration request to collect funds from customers on recurring or ad-hoc basis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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