MyDebit is a domestic debit card scheme which is available with Bank Islam Debit Card-i. With MyDebit, you can use your Bank Islam Debit Card-i to purchase goods or services at participating merchant’s outlets nationwide or cross-border (Singapore) that accepts the service. The amount spent will be directly deducted from your linked/nominated savings, current or transactional investment account (“Account”). In addition to making payments for the purchase of goods and services, the debit card can also be used to make cash withdrawals or ‘Cash Out’ with a purchase at authorised MyDebit merchants.
MyDebit allows you to carry out three types of transactions: Contact, Contactless and Card-Not-Present:

Point-of-Sales Transaction (POS)

Card-Not-Present (CNP) Transaction (MyDebit Secure)

Contact Transaction Contactless Transaction
  • You must present your physical Bank Islam Debit Card-i to be inserted at POS terminal installed at the payment counter, followed by entering the Personal Identification Number (PIN) for verification.
  • Cash withdrawal or Cash Out at MyDebit merchants can only be made together with purchase of goods or services, in the same transaction. RM0.50 will be charged upon successful cash withdrawal transaction. The maximum limit for Cash Out withdrawal is RM500 per transaction subject to retail purchase limit of Bank Islam Debit Card-i.
  • Simple and fast payment just by tapping your Bank Islam Debit Card-i on the POS contactless reader terminal or holding it close to the terminal at payment counter. Contactless reader will have a contactless symbol as below:


  • No PIN input required for transaction up to RM250 per transaction. (default amount). Any transaction above RM 250 would require the PIN to be entered.
  • CNP transactions are retail transaction where physical card is not required to be presented to merchant or inserted into the POS terminal.
  • These may include purchases via online websites, mobile in-apps and social media purchases, recurring billing payments and transactions where you have provided continuous authorisation on subscription basis
  • Click here for the CNP FAQs.
  • For cross-border (Singapore) transactions (“MyDebit CBPOS"), the amount debited from your Account will be converted to Ringgit Malaysia based on daily exchange rate determined by PayNet on the day the transaction is performed. Click here for PayNet cross-border exchange rate.
  • All transactions will be debited from your Account in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) only.
  • Card activation is required for CNP and overseas transaction.
  • Card activation can be done via our Contact Centre at +603-26 900 900. Alternatively, you may also activate your card at:
    1. any Bank Islam branch;
    2. Bank Islam Internet Banking;
    3. Banks Islam self-service terminals (ATM/CRM);
      [Select ‘Bank Islam’ > ’Others’ > ’Debit Card-i Maintenance’]