Qard Current Account – i

(Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor)

Bank Islam offers the Current Account facility for safe custody of your cash. This facility, which is based on the Qard contract, enables you to wisely plan your monthly expenditure and allows you to manage your financial needs without involving cash.

Benefits & Features



  • Bankcard facility (for Individual / Joint account & Private Company Account Only)
  • Salary crediting & sweeping facility
  • ‘Standing Instruction’ facility for payment of bills and others
  • Hibah may be given on a monthly basis based on the Bank’s discretion
  • Others facilities:
    • Internet Banking
    • TAP Mobile Banking-i

Electronic Banking Facilities



  • Cash withdrawal
  • Fund transfer
  • Statement request
  • Utility bills payment
  • Zakat payment
  • Tabung Haji transaction
  • Internet Banking ( registration
  • PIN Change
  • MEPS Cash inquiry and withdrawal


The e-Debit (electronic funds transfer at point of sale) is a service where consumers pay their purchases using Bankcard and Personal Identification Number (PIN). The purchase amount will be deducted directly form either their Savings or Current Account.


MEPS Cash is an e-Purse application in your Bankcard, which stores a specific amount of monetary value loaded from ATM account, which can be used to make small purchases. MEPS Cash is a convenient method for making your routine daily purchases.



The Customer shall give consent to the Bank to deal with the whole or any part of any balances in the account in the manner that the Bank deems fit. Any profit generated by the Bank from the use of the funds shall belong to the Bank. The Bank may at its absolute discretion, give reward (Hibah) to the Customer. Subject to the terms hereof, the Bank guarantees payment of the whole sum standing to the credit of the Customer’s account upon demand.


Eligible Person

Malaysian citizens and permanent residents


Minimum Initial Deposit

RM500.00 for individual account and RM1,000.00 for non-individual account


Minimum Balance

No minimum balance


Age Requirement

Open to all, aged 18 years old and above


Types of Account

  • Individual Account
  • Joint Account
  • Partnership Account
  • Government Account
  • Association Account
  • Private Company Account
  • Company Account

Fees & Charges

Outward Returned Cheque with Insufficient BalanceInsufficient (including technical)RM50.00 per cheque



Rate / Amount

Request for Statement Daily RM3.00 per request
Weekly RM5.00 per request
Within 1 year RM1.00 per copy + RM5.00 per request
More than 1 year RM1.00 per copy + RM10.00 per request
Request for Photocopy of Cheque/ Pay in Slip/ Advices Within 1 year RM1.00 per copy + RM5.00 per request
More than 1 year RM1.00 per copy + RM10.00 per request
Request for Photocopy of Cheque Image 3 months and below RM1.00 per copy + RM5.00 per request
More than 3 months RM1.00 per copy + RM10.00 per request
Uncollected Cheque Book After 30 days of issuance RM20.00 per cheque book destroyed
Payment Over the Counter via Cheque 5th Cheque Onwards RM5.00 per cheque
Third Party Cheque Encashment Per Cheque RM2.00
Stop Payment Normal RM10.00 per stop payment cheque upon presented
Insufficient Fund RM110.00 per stop payment cheque upon presented (stop payment + insufficient fund)
Represented Cheque with Insufficient Balance   RM50.00 per cheque
Technical RM10.00 per cheque
Inward Cheque Return Post-dated RM10.00 charged to payee/depositor
Inter Branch Current Account Cash Withdrawal (Earmarking) – for individual & sole proprietor account only Cable/ Fax/ Courier charges RM5.00
Half-Yearly Service Charge
  • Individual & Others (i.e. Societies) with an average balance of less than RM1,000.00
  • Companies with an average balance of less than RM10,000.00
Early Closure of Current Account Within 3 months RM20.00
Stamp Duty on Cheques   RM0.15 each cheque leaf
Mandate   RM10.00 (stamp duty)
Request for endorsement of the status of company’s account. Tender submission documents must be attached together   RM20.00
Request for confirmation of Authorised Cheque signatories for the renewal of Pusat Khidmat Contractor License   RM20.00
Coin Deposit – for Business Account   1st RM100.00 is free Subsequent RM100.00 is charged RM2.00
Other Fees & Charges Card Replacement fee RM12.00

Terms & Conditions

Click here to view Terms & Conditions for QARD CURRENT ACCOUNT-i effective 1st August 2021

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