Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

It is a mobile banking application offered by Bank Islam that allows you to access your Bank Islam’s accounts and perform selected services quickly and securely from your mobile device 24 hours a day.


Go by Bank Islam application allows you to access your banking accounts and perform new and Favourite transactions that you have registered through Bank Islam Internet Banking.

The previous Bank Islam mobile application only allows you to perform authorization for transactions above RM10,000.

Go by Bank Islam application is currently supported by any smart phone and tablet of the below specifications:-

  1. IOS 10.0 and above
  2. Android 5 and above

You cannot use the application if your device is jail-broken or rooted. Always update your operating system and applications for optimum service.

You must download Go by Bank Islam application from App Store (for iOS devices) or Play Store (for Android devices).

After downloading Go by Bank Islam application, you will need to perform registration using your existing Internet Banking (IB) User ID, password and your Identification Card (IC) / Identification Document (ID) number in order to bind your device with your IB User ID.

For existing Bank Islam Internet Banking users:-

  1. Enter your User ID and password
  2. Enter your IC/ID number
  3. Enter the IAC code received through your registered phone number

If you do not have a User ID, you must first register for Internet Banking through

For the next login, you can use your fingerprint (if your mobile device is supported by fingerprint authentication security feature) to access Go by Bank Islam. Otherwise, you can login by using your existing IB password.

  1. Account summary for:-
    1. Savings / Current account
    2. Term Deposit & investment account
    3. Credit card-i
    4. Financing account
  2. Transfer funds to your ‘Favourite’ list
    1. Within Bank Islam to Own or Third Party Account
    2. To Other Bank via IBG or Instant Transfer
  3. Pay bills in your ‘Favourite’ list
  4. Prepaid reload
  5. Pay your own or third party Bank Islam Credit Card-i or financing account
  6. Share transaction receipt with others
  7. Authenticate transactions initiated from Bank Islam’s Internet Banking or Go by Bank Islam via ‘Transaction Signing’

Definitely. A variety of security functions are provided:-

  1. Access is protected by strict sign-in procedures. You must confirm access by using private image and word as per your Internet Banking private image and word respectively
  2. Only one login session on one device is allowed at a time
  3. Sensitive data such as passwords or transaction information will be transmitted via SSL, TLS1.2 and HTTPS secure protocols
  4. Account confidential information is not stored on the device

Other individuals cannot access the application without your User ID and fingerprint/digital authentication and/or password.

For security reasons, you are advised not to store any account information or passwords in your device.

However, if you feel your log in credentials may have been compromised, please contact our Bank Islam Contact Centre at 03-26 900 900 immediately.

After downloading Go by Bank Islam application, perform the same steps as per your first time sign-up (refer to Question no. 5 above).

You will be prompted with a question to confirm if you want to link a new device to your User ID. To confirm, select OK and your access will be linked to the new mobile device.

Yes, as long as you have internet access. Please contact your mobile service provider for roaming charges.

All application data stored on the device will be removed. When you re-install this application, you will need to setup again.

Yes. You are required to login using your password to access Go by Bank Islam or use your fingerprint to have quick access to your account summary via the application (provided that your mobile device supports this authentication security feature).


No. One User ID for one mobile device only.

No. You can only login on one channel at a time.

Your User ID will be blocked.

To unblock, please call Bank Islam Contact Centre at 03-26 900 900.

No. You can only change your password through Bank Islam Internet Banking

Not at the moment. e-Statement service will be available soon. Alternatively, you can download it through Bank Islam Internet Banking.

Quick Touch is a form of biometric authentication using fingerprint for speedy access to your account summary.


You can activate Quick Touch during first time login or at Quick Menu Settings > Quick Touch.

You can also deactivate Quick Touch through Quick Menu Settings.

  1. IOS device version 10.0 and above
  2. Android device version 5 and above

Devices must have built-in fingerprint authentication capability.

No. Quick Touch function allows you to view your account summary only.

You can login using your password.

Transaction Signing is an authentication method to authorise transactions initiated from Bank Islam’s Internet Banking or Go by Bank Islam.


No. It will be activated automatically after your first time setup of the application.

You should uninstall the application.

Yes, now you can perform transaction above RM10,000 via Go by Bank Islam

Perform the following steps for Transaction Signing:

  1. Launch your Go by Bank Islam application
  2. Select Quick Menu
  3. Select Transaction Signing
  4. Verify the transaction details
  5. Once verified, proceed to select ‘Confirm’ button
  6. Enter the six (6) digits of random number displayed on your mobile device screen
  7. Authorization process is completed

You can only perform selected transactions provided in Internet Banking. Please refer to Question 6 (General) for the list of available services.


You will receive a transaction confirmation notification via push notification through Go by Bank Islam.

Alternatively, you can also check your Inbox and transaction history through this application or Bank Islam Internet Banking.

Once transaction is completed, select the ‘Share’ button to share the receipt via the device sharing tools such as emails and WhatsApp.

In order to keep and save your transaction receipt, select the ‘Share’ button and choose your preferred device sharing tool (that is supported by your mobile device) such as Google Drive, your device drive or Photo Gallery.

Yes. You can change your mobile banking transaction limits through Quick Menu > Settings > Transaction Limit.

Yes, now you can transfer funds to anyone even if they are not in your favourite list.

Yes, now you can pay to any third party Bank Islam Credit Card-i or financing account.

Below is the daily transaction limit for each of the available services:

Transaction Types Daily Transaction Limit
Own Account Transfer and Payment RM 1,000,000
Third Party Transfer (within Bank Islam, Instant Transfer or IBG) RM 50,000
(Shared limit)
Third Party Payment (Bank Islam Credit Card-i or financing account )
Bill Payment RM 100,000
Prepaid Reload RM 250